Sunday, December 30, 2007

Well, that's that - Redskins 27, Cowboys 6.

First off, congratulations to the Redskins. They’ve been through quite a lot this season, and for them to turn it around like they have and wind up in the playoffs is something to give them a great deal of credit and kudos for.

Secondly, while this game does not matter to the Cowboys, and it means everything to the Redskins, this isn’t exactly the performance that you’d like to see from your team heading into the playoffs, especially on offense, which hasn’t been as much of a strength lately as it was for the better part of the season.

But, every team is allowed their subpar performances, so it’s nothing to panic about, especially with so many guys sitting, some sloppy conditions, and the motivation level not as high as it should be in two weeks.

I will say this much - as much of a high as the Redskins are on right now, the Seahawks better come to play next weekend, because I think I’d much rather face Tampa Bay or New York than Washington in the first round.

Inspiration and heart can take you a long way, and that definitely won out today. So, congrats to the ‘Skins, see you (and hopefully beat you) in the playoffs.

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