Saturday, December 22, 2007

Into the final few minutes, Cowboys holding on...

Things have greatly quieted down in the second half, and as time winds down, Dallas is a stop and a few first downs from having it in the books.

All each team has to show for in the second half is field goals, with Carolina trimming the deficit to a touchdown right out of the locker room with a 37-yard field goal from Jon Kasay on a drive that got down to the Dallas 1, but was pushed back by a false start and two sacks.

The Cowboys moved the ball into scoring position early in the fourth, but a Romo interception kept the Panthers in it. But, he made up for it on the next drive, leading Dallas to a field goal and a 20-10 lead with less than nine minutes to play.

It’s far from over though, as Moore just hit Smith for 57 yards on fourth down, and Carolina has it at the Dallas 9 inside four and a half a minutes.

A touchdown here, and it gets a little nervy, because the Panthers still have two timeouts.
Time to close it out…

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