Wednesday, December 26, 2007

One out, one in for receiving corps.

[This is a little late, but I took some time away from the computer to enjoy the holiday.]

According to the Cowboys’ official site, T.O. definitely won’t be playing against Washington on Sunday, but Terry Glenn might.

Glenn has missed the first 15 games because of knee-related issues, but he’s gradually worked his way back, and he may see some action on Sunday, according to head coach Wade Phillips.

"He ran a lot of go routes after we did his workout, 10 or 15 in a row, and some other routes. It was encouraging," Phillips said. "That's why I'm encouraged enough to say maybe this week we're going to see him on the field."

That’s welcome news, considering the fact that the timetable on T.O.’s return is up in the air for now.

As I said in an earlier post, Jacksonville’s David Garrard suffered a high ankle sprain, missed only three games, and since he‘s come back, may be on the best stretch of his career.
But, on the flip side, Anthony Henry suffered the same injury in Week 4 and, though he came back after the Cowboys’ bye in Week 8, he was still limited for the next couple of weeks.

However, Phillips is cautiously optimistic that Owens could be back by the time Dallas starts prepping for their first playoff game, judging by the MRI and his past injury history.

"Looking at his background, after the MRI and some of those things they tell me, I think he'll be back. I know he's tough and I think he's a fast healer and all those things. I'm certainly hopeful but I don't know if confident is the word for me."

No one can forget how he stubbornly came back from a late-season injury to play in the Super Bowl while he was with the Eagles, and considering that this injury is a little less serious than that one, seeing him in the divisional round game won’t be a surprise, and frankly, might be expected (not that he‘s Superman or anything, but he takes care of his body a whole heck of a lot better than many do).

He could very well be held out of that divisional round game if he isn’t 100%, just for the sake of looking at the bigger picture and not risking his health and availability afterwards.
But, even if he’s held out or limited for that weekend, it’s certainly encouraging that Glenn could be in there to help pick up some of the slack.

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