Thursday, January 3, 2008

Can we just fast-forward to next weekend already?

The tornado that is Bill Parcells' rebuilding project continues to roll through what used to be the Miami Dolphins, as head coach Cam Cameron was fired today after a 1-15 season, his only one on the job.

This isn’t a surprise, considering that we all know Parcells wants to bring in his own guy, someone he knows, someone he trusts.

Cameron didn’t inherit that great of a team from Nick Saban, and the injuries upon injuries that they had this year ruined any chances for even a slightly respectable season.

There are some people who are better coordinators than head coaches, and Cameron may be one of those guys.

Given how fast things have moved in Miami this week, in the next 24 hours, we should know who’ll be interviewing for the job.

Sparano looks like the favorite, and secondary coach Todd Bowles has also been mentioned in some reports, along with, as expected, Jason Garrett.

Sparano and Garrett are already scheduled to interview with the Falcons tomorrow, so it looks to be a busy few days for those guys, as Grizz over at Blogging the Boys reports that the Ravens have requested permission to talk to a few NFL assistants, with Sparano and Garrett among the names mentioned.

So, it looks like we’ve got three teams fighting it out for two guys. From the looks of it, the Dolphins job is Sparano’s for the taking, with Garrett the hot name in Baltimore.

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